Natalia Santiesteban-Mosquera

Ph.D. Student in Africana Studies


Natalia, a third-year graduate student, was born and raised in Bogotá-Colombia. She holds a B.A in Languages and Sociocultural Studies from the University of Andes, and a Master’s in Gender Studies from the National University of Colombia. Her academic production is focused on race dynamics in the capital of her country, mainly in the perspective of discourse analysis. Both her master’s and undergraduate works approach everyday racism in conversation with dominant  national discourses about race, gender, class and sexuality. She is currently exploring the intersections of Black feminist and Queer activism, life narratives and religious practices of African matrix in the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

Her first book, El Color del Espejo (the color on the mirror) analyses biographic narratives of Black women in Bogotá was published in 2017 by the Centre for Afro-Diasporan Studies (CEAF) of  Icesi University, from which she is an associate researcher.