America Reacts to Toni Morrison’s M.A. ’55 Death: Throughout Her Life, Morrison’s Work Moved Cornellians and The Nation

By: Maryam Zafar,  The Cornell Daily Sun
August 6, 2019

...Sitting in Statler Auditorium in 2013, Morrison, who joined Princeton University’s faculty in 1989, answered audience questions alongside fellow Princeton Prof. Claudia Brodsky, who told The Sun that the two had become close friends and “each other’s favorite analytical interlocutors instantly and permanently upon meeting.”

Morrison, right, and Brodsky engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue and answered questions from the audience in Statler Auditorium in March 2013.

Courtesy of Cornell University

Morrison and Brodsky engaged answered questions from the audience in Statler Auditorium in March 2013.

Morrison then shared why she chose Cornell to pursue her master’s degree in American literature. The Sun then reported, “… she stated that there were three main reasons: the faculty — she ‘remember[s] at least three of them’ — the beauty of the seasons in Ithaca and Cornell’s ‘pink’ and ‘liberal’ reputation, largely spurred by its notoriously non-denominational Sage Chapel. She reflected fondly, paused for a moment and then asked, ‘The agricultural school … is that still here?’”

Brodsky, who said she was still processing the news of Morrison’s passing, said the two understood each other in a “lucid” way, “because for us the same things mattered — the power of language and everyday human goodness above all.”

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Toni Morrison, M.A. '55, on a visit to Cornell