Inside New York City’s Blitz to Create Online Classes for 1.1 Million Students

By: Ben Chapman and Lee Hawkins,  Wall Street Journal
March 17, 2020

...Complicating matters is the diverse character of the student body in the city’s public school system, where roughly 13% of students are English language-learners and one in five students has a disability, according to city data.

Nearly three-quarters of New York’s school children qualify for free or reduced-price lunches due to low-income families and about one in 10 students is homeless, according to figures kept by the city and state.

As a result, many students require special lessons and others may have trouble accessing remote lessons from home without devices provided by the city, said Noliwe Rooks, director of American Studies at Cornell University.

“Children who are not at grade level already, when you put them in an online cyber-only environment, they tend to lose where they are,” Ms. Rooks said in an interview.

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Professor Noliwe Rooks