These Women Are Changing New York’s D.J. Game. Watch Them Work.

By: TAMMY LA GORCE and SAM CANNON,  The New York Times
July 23, 2019

Bushwick, Brooklyn, has emerged as the center of New York’s club scene. From the casual-chic string lights and tarps of Nowadays to industrial art spaces like Elsewhere and the new, kitsch-fabulous Sultan Room, there is plenty of music-inspired euphoria to choose from.

And plenty of female D.J.s, deep in the zone, setting the mood.

But these women didn’t appear out of nowhere. Many of them have been part of a grass-roots movement based on collaboration and empowerment that has helped elevate the stature (and pay) of female D.J.s.

Perhaps the most successful performance collective is Working Women. When its founders — Tanya Lyon, Kristin Malossi, Nina BC and Ashlyn Behrndt — started working together in 2016, they were committed to learning from scratch in a male-free space.

​...“Maybe this is stereotyping, but with male D.J.s, as I see it, the act of is more of an ego-driven process,” said Tao Leigh Goffe, who writes about gender and D.J. culture and is an assistant professor at Cornell University. “Like there’s a Svengali, and one person is the genius,” she continued. “Women have a different approach. They’re more collaborative.”

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Tao Leigh Goffe