Procedure for Applying to the Major in Africana Studies 

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​If you have acquainted yourself with the requirements for the Africana Studies major from the Africana Undergraduate Studies Brochure or the Africana Studies and Research Center (ASRC) website, you may submit the following documents to ASRC.

  1. The online application articulating your interest in the Africana Studies Major in the Notes section, and the online list of the ASRC courses you have taken, along with a plan of the ASRC courses you intend to take to complete the major. Major Application
  2. A copy (unofficial) of your transcript, with ASRC courses highlighted. Email it to
  3. The paperwork for the major can be submitted prior to the confirmation of your advisor. You are required to meet with your advisor at least once a semester to make sure you are on track to graduate. 

A major in Africana Studies requires at least ten (10) Africana Studies (ASRC) courses (with a grade of C or better), distributed as follows:

  • Introduction to Africana Studies:  ASRC 1500

  • 3 Courses (at the 2000 level or above): One per Category from 3 of the 4 following categories 

    • African
    • African‐American
    • Caribbean, or
    • Other Diasporan Studies
  • 4 Courses (at the 3000 level or above):

    • To generate a more specific focus, choose two topics that fall within the African Diaspora from the following:
      • Gender and Sexuality,
      • Race and Inequality,
      • Popular Culture,
      • Politics,
      • Literature,
      • History
    • and take two courses in one of these topics ​
      • African
      • African‐American
      • Caribbean,
      • Other Diasporan Studies
  • 2 Seminar courses (at the 4000 level or above)

In addition to the major requirements (listed above) and the College of Arts and Sciences  language and distribution requirements, students must complete four (4) to five (5) elective courses (at least 15 credits) not in the major field unless a student has a second major. Course substitution may be awarded on a case‐by‐case basis with the submission of a formal petition.  Please contact me, Renee Milligan (, for more information.  


The result of your application will be forwarded to you as soon as the paperwork is completed. Please contact the Director of Undergraduate studies to arrange a meeting or for further consultation.  


Renee Milligan 
(607) 255‐4625
Room 103, Africana Studies and Research Center