ASRC Room Reservation and Request Form

Contact Information
If you are a student organization you must have a faculty advisor. The faculty member must email acknowledging that they approve the event.
2-5 sentences: Lecture, discussion, panel, reception, etc.
Room(s) Requested
No food is to be setup inside the Multipurpose Room; you must reserve the Lobby for food setup.
If multiple dates, please fill out a separate form for each date.
(Open to the public, invited guests only, Cornell students, staff, faculty, Ithaca community, etc)
Name of Caterer you have contracted must be on the University's Caterer List.
An Event Registration Form must be filled out for the following events:
  • Events with food and/or alcohol. 
  • Events that take place outdoors. 
  • Events where money is collected (sales or fundraising).
  • Events that may be seen as controversial and/or high risk (i.e. high-profile speakers, politicians, protests, etc.).
** PLEASE NOTE: Events should be registered at least 3 weeks prior to the start date. Student organizations may be fined for late filing, or lack of filing an Event Registration Form.
Forms must be completed and confirmation of approval sent to ( prior to the event.
Set-up and Facilities

Parking is subject to Cornell University and Cayuga Heights regulations. You are responsible for arranging for parking for your participants and guests.

For other parking options contact the Cornell Conference and Guest Parking: Telephone: ( 607) 255-4625 (website).

There are limited a limited number of parking spaces in the Africana parking lot for visitors to park.

The Africana Studies and Research Center is not responsible for parking tickets that are given during your event at the Center.

We recommend that you arrange to come in a few days before the event to test the set-up. Room set up and return is your responsibility.
Please list the date and time of your delivery, the company that will be making the delivery, person from your organization responsible for meeting delivery people and a way to get a hold of that person (cell phone number, email...)

This request is only a request until you receive official confirmation from ASRC either by email or hard copy.

Please do not assume this is a contract or that you have a confirmation otherwise.

NOTE: Rooms placed “on hold” will be reserved for seventy-two (72) hours and then released.

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