Afifa Ltifi

Disarticulating blackness or the semantics of (anti)blackness in Tunisia

by Afifa Ltifi

Published in Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS)

Radwa Saad

When Will Africa Host the Olympics?

By: Haydé Adams,  Straight Talk Africa
August 18, 2021

"On this edition of Straight Talk Africa, we look at what it would take to bring the world’s greatest athletic competition, the Olympics, to Africa.

Host Haydé Adams is joined by Mwamoyo Hamza, acting managing editor of VOA’s Africa Division, Paul Frimpong, an economist at the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, Radwa Saad, a Ph.D. student in Africana Studies at Cornell University and Abdi Nageeye, a silver medalist in the Tokyo Olympics."

Watch the interview at VOANEWS