Zifeng Liu & Professor Siba Grovogui
Pioneering the establishment of "Africana" and advancing its development

Africana Studies and Research Center

In the 21st century and nearly 55 years after its inception, the Africana Studies & Research Center remains committed to continuing academic innovation in the field of Africana studies and to remaining at its forefront theoretically and pedagogically, while sustaining its ongoing commitments to activism and community engagement. 

Africana Studies and Research Center News

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Students at the Africana Center commemoration

A broad preparation

Undergraduate Program

The Africana studies undergraduate major and minor prepare students for a broad range of academic and professional careers in both the public and private sectors. Africana studies has a history of shaping students' intellectual discipline, creativity, and social and political awareness.  

The undergraduate program

Graduate students speaking with faculty

An unique perspective

Graduate Program

An interdisciplinary global study of race and Blackness makes Africana studies at Cornell a significant resource for graduate students who want to engage in the interdisciplinary study of Black people in Africa, the African diaspora and around the globe.

The graduate program

Upcoming Africana Events

Exterior of the Africana Studies & Research Center

A unique resource

The Africana Studies & Research Center

The Africana Studies & Research Center extends the teaching and learning opportunities that we provide in both our undergraduate and graduate classrooms well beyond to service learning projects and community initiatives, from local to transnational contexts.

The Center