Graduate Field Faculty

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Ernesto Bassi Arevalo

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Inter-imperial rivalry and collaboration in the Caribbean, hemispheric connections and mobilities
  • Research Interests: Role circulation (of goods, people, news, and ideas) across political boundaries plays in the configuration of geographic spaces, collective identities, geopolitical projects, and political allegiances.

Judith A. Byfield

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Focus of her scholarship has been women's social and economic history in Nigeria
  • Research Interests: African and African diaspora history with emphasis on West Africa; gender; labor history and material culture; Caribbean History

Naminata Diabate

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Portfolios in African Diaspora Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Research Interests: African, African American, Caribbean and Afro-Hispanic literatures with an emphasis on gender and sexuality studies

Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Research agenda broadly addresses the interrelationships between population, social change, and sustainable development
  • Research Interests: demography of inequality; population and development; sociology of education; project evaluation; research methods

Ziad Fahmy

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Modern Middle East History
  • Research Interests: Nationalism and state formation in the nineteenth and twentieth century Middle East; Trans-nationalism and the fluidity of identity in the nineteenth century Mediterranean World; Historical sounds and soundscapes; Media Studies and the history of early radio

Cheryl Finley

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: African American and African Diaspora art history and visual culture
  • Research Interests: interdisciplinary study combining the fields of African Diaspora Art History, Film Studies, Museum Studies and Heritage Tourism

Sandra Elaine Greene

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Africa, West Africa, Ghana,  History: social and cultural, gender and ethnicity, slavery, religious beliefs
  • Research Interests: African history; preindustrial social history; gender; ethnicity

Saida Hodžić

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Ethnography; Medical anthropology
  • Research Interests: redesigning ethnographic critique of progressive political formations such as women’s rights activism, NGO advocacy, and humanitarianism

Stacey A. Langwick

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Anthropologist of healing and medicine in Africa
  • Research Interests: anthropology of medicine, healing and the body; post-colonial science studies; African ethnography; ontological politics; culture and feminist theory; Tanzania; anthropology of knowledge/materiality

Fouad Makki

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: International development, social theory, political economy and the historical sociology of modernity
  • Research Interests: development sociology; comparative literature; social theory; international development; historical sociology

Jamila Michener

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Poverty, racial inequality and public policy in the United States
  • Research Interests: American politics and policy, with a particular focus on the political causes and consequences of poverty and racial inequality

Mostafa Minawi

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Historical, political, and social analysis
  • Research Interests: African history, migration, colonialism, Ottoman-Ethiopian relations

Viranjini P Munasinghe

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Historical anthropologist working in the Caribbean (Trinidad) and the Asian Diaspora in the Americas
  • Research Interests: Ethnography; Historical anthropology; Political & legal anthropology

Mukoma Wa Ngugi

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: How questions of authorized and unauthorized English, or standard and non-standard English, influenced literary aesthetics in Romantic Britain and Independence-Era Africa
  • Research Interests: African literature; Post-colonial literature and theory; African poetry; African popular literature and film; Women and resistance in African literature; The black diaspora in Africa; Translation and African literature

Steven Pond

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Jazz and musics of the African Diaspora generally
  • Research Interests: Jazz; Musics of the African Diaspora

Russell Rickford

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Historical, political, and social analysis
  • Research Interests: pan-Africanism, black nationalism, black radicalism, transnational blackness, African-American political culture and American social movements

Samantha Noelle Sheppard

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Theater Arts
  • Research Interests: Black cultural production; African American cinema; critical race theory; sports cinema

Chantal Thomas

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Law and Development and International Economic Law
  • Research Interests: the relationship between international law, political economy, and global social justice in a variety of contexts, with a focus on international trade and international migration

Nicolas van de Walle

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Comparative politics
  • Research Interests: African political and economic processes; theories and methods of comparative politics; international political economy; democratization; effectiveness or foreign aid

Sara Warner

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: Art of activism
  • Research Interests: attempt to articulate, through close readings of dramatic literature and live performances, archival research, and theoretical reflection, a series of questions concerning bodies and the modes of attachment that bind them into various forms of publics and counterpublics

Margaret Washington

  • Concentrations: Africana Studies: African American cultural/intellectual/religious
  • Research Interests: African American history; southern U.S. history; women's history