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Adeolu Ademoyo

Senior Lecturer


Adeolu Ademoyo is a senior lecturer in Yoruba language and culture. His research interests include: African Philosophy: Ethics, Epistemology and Aesthetics, the locus of African Languages in delineating met-ethical concepts in African moral discourse, gender issues, and family and social structures.

Languages Spoken
English, Yoruba, Edo, German


  • Africana Studies and Research Center


  • Language and Ontology in Yoruba Thought
  • Yoruba Language Pedagogy
  • Open Access Online Yoruba
  • Yoruba Online Dictionary
  • Yoruba Language for Medical Purposes


Fall 2021


“The Ontological Imperative For The New African Diaspora” in Isidore Okpewho and Nkiru Nzegwu (eds) New African Diaspora Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 2009