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Afifa Ltifi

Graduate Students


Afifa Ltifi is a Tunisian third year PhD student who works on the implications of trans-saharan slavery and colonialism on conceptualizations of race and blackness in North Africa, particularly in countries of the Maghreb. Through an interdisciplinary approach, her project examines the micro- histories of black North Africans, their representations in cultural production and the complex processes of their racial formation within the “African” milieu. In addition to her academic research, she is an occasional writer for various Arabophone and Anglophone media outlets such as Manshoor, Aljazeera English, Urban Africa, and 7iber. She also worked as a fixer in the Ghost Boat open investigation project, tracking the disappearance of 243 refugees from Somalia and Eritrea in the Mediterranean. Ghost Boat was ranked as a finalist for the 2016 National Magazine award in the reporting category and 2016 Kurt Schork Memorial Award. A 2017 Mellon Urbanism Fellowship recipient, Ltifi earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in cross-cultural studies from the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis (Bourguiba School).


  • Africana Studies and Research Center