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Kristen Wright

Ph.D. Student in Africana Studies


Kristen Wright is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Africana Studies at Cornell University. She previously earned an MA in Africana Studies from Cornell University, an MA in African-American Studies from Columbia University, and a BA in Theater Studies and Political Science from Yale University. Her work exists at the intersections of African-American drama (from the 19th century to the present), Black performance studies, and critical theory. She has contributed a chapter on Adrienne Kennedy to the Gale Researcher's American Literature volume and a performance review to Texas Theatre Journal. 

Kristen has been a Member-at-Large for the Performance Studies Focus Group of the Association for Theatre In Higher Education (ATHE) since 2017, and also serves on the Graduate Student Caucus of the American Society For Theatre Research (ASTR).  Her article "'The Killing of My Mother I Claim Myself': Adrienne Kennedy's Electra and Orestes, Aeschylus' Oresteia, and the Question of Justice," won the 2016 Marvin Carlson Award for Best Student Essay in Theatre and Performance from Cornell's Department of Performing and Media Arts. Kristen is also a playwright and dramaturg, and her plays APPLE CORE and MISS ANNE were produced as a part of Cornell's 10 Minute Play Festival. Her new play THE SHIRT will be featured in the 10 Minute Play Festival this fall.


  • Africana Studies and Research Center