10 best Kenyan writers that you should be reading right now

By: Ryan Mutuku ,  TUKO
December 18, 2020

 Dr Mukoma Ngugi is one of the famous Kenyan writers, thanks to his last name and his unmatched storytelling skills. The Professor of English at Cornell University has been one of Kenyan literature’s key ambassadors in the western world through carefully selected themes and writing skills. For example, Mukoma has created platforms, such as Mabati-Cornell Kiswahili Prize, to encourage more Africans to write and tell stories. Also, in the last decade, he has made trips to Kenya to mentor young storytellers. His most important book yet, in terms of popularity and sales, is Nairobi Heat. Dr Mukoma has also penned Black Star Nairobi and Hurling Words at Consciousness.

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Mukoma Wa Ngugi