5 in 15 - Episode 2 - Interview with Zeyad el-Nabolsy

About CO+POS: Housed within the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell University, Critical Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Studies (CO+POS) highlights the latest in innovative research about Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe—a region encompassing the Turkic world, the Ottoman Empire, and its successor nation-states.

Zeyad el Nabolsy is an Africana PhD student from Egypt. He has an M.A. in philosophy from McMaster university and a B. Eng (chemical engineering and international studies, with a minor in philosophy) from McMaster university. His research interests include: the role of philosophy in liberation struggles on the African continent, the history of modern African philosophy, the history of African Marxism, Third World internationalism during the “Bandung period” (especially its cultural expression in journals like Lotus), and philosophy of culture in relation to the development of non-Eurocentric theories of modernity.

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