In The Age Of #MeToo, Spinning Hip-Hop In Favor Of Women

By: Paris Alston ,  WGBH News
April 23, 2018

...Race also plays a factor in how women in rap are perceived, according to Oneka LaBennett, who teaches a class about the sexual politics of women in hip-hop at Cornell University.

“For black women and girls, and especially for women in hip-hop who are … performing their own sexuality in a liberated way, we are tempted not to see them as perfect victims,” she said.

LaBennett says women in hip-hop are often subject to “slut shaming,” the idea that dressing scantily and acting promiscuously makes women deserve sexual mistreatment. Cardi B echoed this when she told Cosmopolitan magazine that she felt the #MeToo movement excluded strippers and women who appear in rap music videos because they are not viewed as pristine

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 Oneka LaBennett