Aunt Jemima Is Based On a Caricature, But a Real Black Woman, Nancy Green, Was Hired to Portray Her

By: Korin Miller,  Good Housekeeping
June 20, 2020

Quaker Oats didn’t mention it, but the change seems to be tied to a viral TikTok from @singkirbysing in which the singer details "how to make a non-racist breakfast." In the TikTok, Kirby talks about the history behind the Aunt Jemima brand, and ends with,“Not today. Black Lives Matter, people," as she dumps a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix down the sink.

This wasn't the first time the Aunt Jemima logo came under criticism. In a 2015 opinion piece for the New York Times, Cornell University professor Riché Richardson said the logo was "very much linked to Southern racism" because it was based on a "'mammy,' a devoted and submissive servant who eagerly nurtured the children of her white master and mistress while neglecting her own."

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Professor Riche Richardson