Coronavirus: How far did students fall behind this spring due to remote learning?

By: Annalise Knudson,
December 2, 2020

Noliwe Rooks, a professor of literature at Cornell University whose work explores such topics as race, capitalism and education, told the Advance/ at the time that students who know the basics, have an innate curiosity, and often test at the upper levels of standardized testing will do well in online learning. But for those who are grade levels behind and who don’t know the fundamentals, online learning “is often a complete disaster.”

“…The longer that this goes on and as long as we’re clear this is going to go on...the children who are struggling, who are already behind grade level, who are socio-economically vulnerable, who are homeless, are going to fall farther behind,” Rooks explained. “And that’s not my wish for them. But all the data that I know -- that’s what’s going to happen.”

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Professor Noliwe Rooks