Georgia Elementary School Is Accused of Racial Insensitivity Over Hairstyle Guidelines Display

By: Neil Vigdor,  The New York Times
August 3, 2019

...Noliwe Rooks, an author and professor at Cornell University whose work explores race and gender, said Friday that the Georgia school’s display illustrates why there is a need for legal protections for hair.

“Those particular styles, and the fact that schools make arbitrary decisions about good and bad hairstyles is long standing across the country and the reason that New York City and the state of California took the actions that they did making such types of bans illegal,” Dr. Rooks said. “The styles that are banned (dread locks and twists for boys and shaved in designs) are sometimes deemed necessary because some people think those hairstyles mean the children who wear them are members of gangs. There is zero evidence of that being the case.”

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 Professor Noliwe Rooks