Here Are the Lessons Top Museum Leaders Learned in 2020, From Adopting New Revenue Streams to Listening to the Quietest Voices

By: Naomi Rea, 
November 24, 2020

Museums Need to Expand Whom They Listen to—Fast.

Roundtable 5 | Voices of authority: expertise, participation and inclusion in the museum of tomorrow

Well before the pandemic, museums were facing calls to address their inherent biases. Those calls became louder and more intent amid the protests following the death of George Floyd and a virus that disproportionately impacted communities of color. Many frontline museum workers who were the first to be furloughed or eliminated are people of color. As Salah Hassan, director of the Africa Institute and a professor at Cornell University, said in one talk: “COVID exposed the afterlife of colonialism.”

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Professor Salah M. Hassan