It Wasn’t Just the Pandemic That Closed the Princeton Club

"Tao Leigh Goffe, a Princeton alumna and Cornell professor in her early 30s, chose to join the Yale Club, where she attended grad school, rather than Princeton, her undergrad alma mater. She explained, 'As a Black woman, I am always being surveilled, and at the Yale Club this did not feel like the case, while it did the few times I went to the Princeton Club.' There, she said, 'My Princeton affiliation was second-guessed.'

The club’s board was aware of its image, said one insider. At the club’s 2019 'Princeton Night,' the emcee joked, 'How many Princetonians does it take to change a lightbulb? One to change it, 25 to protest that they liked the old lightbulb better, and 50 to write letters to the [alumni magazine] blaming the darkness on co-education” — a reference to the days when alumni frequently groused about the university’s going coed in 1969.'”

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