Listening Underwater: Silence as Fermentation

"When I DJ it is my role to attend to sound as much as to silence, because silence structures sound. Silence structures us. Sound forms a philosophy of relation for me, a way of living and orienting myself receptively in space. We are immersed in soundwaves that form an ocean in which we attune our spatial awareness to the vibrations of energy. Soundwaves continuously emanate from points of origin and bounce back. Or not. Silence is the absence of this process. Sound is a viscous ocean of amniotic fluidity that has the power to birth and transform. It is in this process of transformation that silence ferments. My artistic practice is led by dreaming about what ferments in conditions of silence. Possibility ferments. Silence need not always be understood as the damnation of oblivion but rather an open calm sea of pluripotent possibility. Silence leads to a series of transformations and sea changes."

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Professor Tao Leigh Goffe