By: Professor Carole Boyce Davies,  The Crisis
August 27, 2020

Following enslavement and European colonialism across the Americas in particular, Black populations are still in the mode of recovery; gaining the kind of political and economic power that would advance our communities and ourselves. Political movements often provide the groundswell that allows for transformation and a period of necessary advance in spite of past setbacks. 

And so, we move forward again: This time with a Black woman leading the advance, being nominated to be the vice president on a Democratic ticket in 2020.  In spite of this year’s upheavals (COVID-19, the killing of George Floyd, the taking down of statues, the Black Lives Matter movement and related protests and uprisings in the United States and around the world), 2020 will prove to be a historic year for Black empowerment. We can still call this year, a year of the realization; a Black Women’s 2020.

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Professor Carole Boyce Davies