Racism in America

Worldwide protests against police brutality, an armed attack on the Capitol, protests in Europe and the U.S. against COVID restrictions– 2020 and 2021 stand out as years when those on the left and the right turned to both peaceful and armed protests to change the directions  governments were headed. Structural racism and racial inequality were at the heart of much of these protests.

In its next webinar, the College of Arts and Sciences’ (A&S) yearlong webinar series, “Racism in America,” will examine how protest movements and civil disobedience have sought to both end and uphold white supremacy and racial discrimination. The Feb. 24, 7 p.m. event, in partnership with the Cornell Law School, is free and open to the public; registration is required.

i100.com shared this upcoming event. https://i100rocks.com/news/025520-next-webinar-in-cornells-racism-in-america-series-next-week/

For the full story https://africana.cornell.edu/news/racism-america-webinar-examine-protest-movements


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