The right to be radical: Uplifting the life of Claudia Jones

Jones’ six justifications for radicalism were being against slavery, oppression, and capitalism, and being for equal rights, suffrage, and socialism. [Carole] Boyce Davies explained that Jones always tried centering the following in her radicalism:

1.) Continuing the Black radical tradition.

2.) Reimagining emancipatory possibilities.

3.) Fighting for a more humanistic world.

4.) Internationalist vision of Black freedom struggles.

5.) Black women having a right to challenge oppressive situations because of Black women super-exploitation.

Boyce Davies further said on this point that “once Black women move, then the rest of society moves,” referencing the Black radical feminists who have come before and those who are organizing now, like those in the Movement for Black Lives.

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Professor Carole Boyce Davies