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Zifeng Liu

Graduate Students


Zifeng Liu is an intellectual historian of the 20th-century Africana world with specializations in Black internationalism, anticolonial thought, and Afro-Asian solidarity. His current project "Redrawing the Balance of Power: Black Left Feminists, Mao’s China, and the Making of an Afro-Asian Political Imaginary" explores how Black leftist women’s understandings of race, class, gender, sexuality, and empire evolved as they sought Afro-Chinese solidarity within often difficult geopolitical contexts. His research has been featured in The Economist and CGTN. And his essays and reviews in English and Chinese on Black radicalism and African American political culture have been published in the Journal of IntersectionalityJournal of African American HistoryJournal of Beihang UniversityThe PaperInitium Media, and SINA News. Zifeng Liu is currently a doctoral candidate in Africana Studies at Cornell University.


  • Africana Studies and Research Center
  • Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program